Semi-Mature Cornish Gouda

Semi-Mature Cornish Gouda is aged 5-6 months.
It has a creamy smooth texture with a pleasant easy eating flavour.

Mature Cornish Gouda

Mature Cornish Gouda is aged 10-12 months.
It won ‘best hard cheese’ at the great British cheese awards.
It has a rich complex flavour while still holding a great moister level, with a beautiful crunch from the crystals which form around 8 months so are still fairly small.

Extra-Mature Cornish Gouda

Extra mature Cornish Gouda is aged 18months+
This cheese is much drier but has an incredibly rich flavour with very large crystals giving it an amazing crunch.

Flavoured Cornish Gouda

We also offer a range of different flavoured cheeses including some limited addition ones.